Konig Gourmet Foods Ltd

Konig Gourmet Foods Ltd

4th Generation Traditional Smoking and Curing

A family tradition in Norway Since 1905, in Dunedin since 1989


Westpac Business Excellence Awards 2014 Finalist - International Trader



Norwegian-born Bjorn Oscar Sollie came from a family background of generations of drying, curing and smoking meat and fish. In 1905, his grandfather and great-grandfather started a smoking business in Norway. His parents also highly involved in the family business. They built the business on careful attention to quality.

Bjorn grew up next-door to the smokehouse, and joined the family business from an early age. As a keen traveller, he spent 12 years travelling before settling in New Zealand. In 1989, Bjorn received the torch from his parents, and run the smoking business here in Dunedin. He takes advantage of the premium quality primary products in this clean green country, and exports specialty cuts, salted cured, and dried meat products to customers in Scandinavia. Bjorn has also launched into domestic market with Konig Beef Jerky and Fish-ato recently.

“It has always been the family’s aim to develop highest quality gourmet food products. We want to grow in a way that we can feel proud of, and it’s how future generations will continue to operate.” - Bjorn Oscar Sollie, Managing Director/Owner of Konig Gourmet Foods Ltd

Our mission is to produce and provide our customers quality gourmet food products of the highest standards and the best flavours. We also offer great customer service to both our New Zealand customers and overseas clients.