Beef Jerky


Flavour Descriptions

Taking inspiration from years of travel combined with Bjorn’s expertise, spending most of his life in the business of smoking, drying and curing, he is now producing a unique product – Kønig Beef Jerky and reintroducing century old traditions to the world.

The flavour profiles and the product itself are exceptional and distinctive. Bjorn’s times in North Africa, Central and South America as well as his love for Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand, have helped him create authentic flavour profiles.

Hot Mexican

Where chili is not only heat but flavour… jalapeno… habanero… the smokey chipotle… thoughts of salt, lemon and tequila… ‘chili con carne’ with a twist…

Middle Eastern

Traditional Arabic spices... simply delicious.

North African

North African spices... on the hot side... but not mouth burning... the colourfulness of the dessert people... the hustle of Marrakech... the call to prayers...

Central Otago

Craggy hills of thyme… rosemary… sunshine and blue sky… the mountains bursting with wild herbs… rounded and mild with a hint of garlic…

Smoky Joe

Inspired by the campfires and outback of the world… prairies… cowboys… wild food… smoke in your eyes… leather… a hint of fruitiness… smokey and spiced…

South African

Traditional medium hot dried beef, Biltong style. Black pepper, coriander with a hint of chili.

Nutritional Information
(All values considered average)


Serving per pack: 2
Serving size: 20g
Quantity per servingQuantity per 100g
Fat: TotalLess than 1g3g
Fat: SaturatedLess than 1g1.2g
Carbohydrate: Total2.4g12g
Carbohydrate: Sugars2.2g11g

“Kønig Beef Jerky is not too dry, not too moist, flavour just burst out when you chew.”

“The Hot Mexican flavour is the best kind of hot; the Middle East flavour is very tangy; and the Central Otago flavour is just the pure beef flavour.”

“The beef jerky was surprisingly good, for having so little fat it was fantastically moist. The flavours were delicious; you guys have done a fantastic job!”

“Bloody good!”

Ingredients: Beef, Marinade (Soy Sauce, Wheat, Soy Beans, Salt), Fruit Juice (Apple and Orange), Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Spices.

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